Jokes Compilation. Crack Your Ribs A Bit. 

Jokes Compilation. Crack Your Ribs A Bit. 

Jokes Compilation. Crack Your Ribs A Bit. 

1. The girl who refused to show me her breast in secondary school is sitted next to me in a bus breastfeeding her baby​…. God is wonderful

2. You went to pharmacy to buy poison for yourself and you are still waiting to collect change.are you serous at all

3. If I say ‘Text me when u get here’ and u decide to call. U will keep calling, until u understand English.

4. Can I see your hand up if you once washed ur uniform in the morning, squeeze with a towel, iron it & then wear it to school

5. Kene: where are you going to?

Girl: to commit suicide..

Kene: then why all this make up?

Girl: idiot, don’t you know I will be in tomorrows newspaper and gossipmill?

Father Lord.

6. Last night I had a dream and I was kissing my neighbour’s daughter but this morning she saw me and pretended like nothing happened

Girls can pretend ooh

7. This girl kept swearing “if am the one that stole the money let my sister die;

After much investigation i found out she is de only child

8. That Moment U Decide To Start Saving Money At All Cost, Nxt Mins U See Urself Buying Suya And Sayin “person No Go Enjoy Again..

9. Uncle, because your crush now lives in your area, you will now be wearing suit to fetch water…

And you dey find accolade

Bros Behave

10. You wear high waist trousers during pregnancy now you’re asking why your baby’s head looks like frying pan

11. What is Africa turning into, A friend just told me that their father takes offering from them during morning devotion

12. I have never seen someone having heart beat than a guy who impregnate a soldiers daughter.

He will start chewing water and end up drinking rice

13. If your parents never told you to go and wear your shoes and before you come back they were gone,forget it,you were adopted