7 Ways To Tell You Are With The Right Guy. 

7 Ways To Tell You Are With The Right Guy. 

7 Ways To Tell You Are With The Right Guy. 

1. He will never give up on you

A real man knows the importance of each and every relationship, be it family or otherwise. He knows that love is no joke, he knows how to cherish your feelings and is going to try his best to take care of them and preserve them with all of his power. A true gentleman will never give up on you regardless of the fights, regardless of the traumas, regardless of the ups and downs, he will stay strong and have faith in the love the two of you share, because faith is what drives us all, those without faith are those who live empty and emotionless lives.


2. He will make mistakes, but will always make up for them

As I said before, there is no such thing as the “perfect guy”, we are all human and we are bound to make mistakes, what matters is what we do to make up for those mistakes. A true gentleman will always accept his mistakes without delay, he will apologize and will mean it. He will always take responsibility for his actions and will always be ready for the consequences, no matter how harsh.


3. He doesn’t believe in lying

A real man knows the importance of truth and lives by it. He knows how easily one lie leads to another lie and it turns into a vicious cycle. He will always choose to say the truth, no matter how harsh it may be, no matter the consequences, because deep down inside he will be content with speaking the truth. He knows the importance of trust, he knows how hard it is to develop the perfect form of trust and how easy it is to break it, he will cherish the trust between the two of you.


4. He respects you for who you are

A true gentleman will always respect you for who you are, for your individuality, for the person you represent. He will never try changing you into someone else for his own selfish reasons. He will make sure you feel proud about the person you are and he’s going to try with all of his power and will. A real man will respect the decisions you make and will not criticize you every step of the way, and if you ever fail, he will never bring it up, he will rather make sure you never give up and keep following your dreams, every day.


5. He loves your intelligence more than your looks

A smart man knows that beauty is very temporary, and among other things it is bound to fade away. He knows what’s more important, he doesn’t fall in love with you solely because of how you look, he falls in love with you because of who you are, because of your intelligence, because of your humor, because of how you make him feel, he’s not one to pay heed to whether you’re wearing the right amount of make up or wearing the best dress possible, he is going to love you in your pajamas and he’s going to often tell you to not wear any make up.


6. He will have realistic expectations from you.

A true gentleman knows how much it hurts when someone expects more than the other person is capable of giving. He will always have realistic expectations. I used to be someone who had unrealistic expectations from his girlfriend, I learned to change, because I was slowly becoming a burden on her, she was trying harder than ever to reach the level I expected from her and it started to have a very severe effect on her health and life, I started hating myself and changed, for both of us.


7. He gives more than he expects

A real man is truly selfless, he knows love is not about equal give and take, sometimes the ratio may get a bit imbalanced and that’s okay in his eyes because he’ll still do the most he can do for you. He knows selfless deeds have a higher reward, selfless deeds never go unnoticed, selfless deeds give him a sense of happiness that nothing else can. He will keep giving you his one hundred percent regardless of how you treat him, because he will never give up on the relationship.